Stay Alfred

Brand Development

Contributions: Design & Art Direction

Green Suitcase Society logo

Green Suitcase Society

To drive interest in Stay Alfred’s loyalty program, we created a not-so-secret club dubbed the Green Suitcase Society. Members receive invitations to special events, trip giveaways, upgrades, and more. I was responsible for designing the logo and creating the tagline, ”Stay Alfred and Carry On”.

Initial Logo Concepts

For the first round of designs, I explored a wide range of styles. The brief called for a design with a masonic / secret society vibe. Many of the concepts drew inspiration from masonic designs, but I also included concepts that incorporated travel-inspired elements like luggage and suitcase wheels.

Initial logo concepts

Refining initial concepts

For the next round of concepts, I focused on two of the favorite designs from the first round, exploring different combinations of colors, fonts, and other elements.

Refining initial logo concepts

Final Logo

For the final logo, I focused on refining the typography and ensuring the design works in a variety of applications, including digital and print, and on light and dark backgrounds.

Green Suitcase Society logo

In Use

Green Suitcase Society Coasters