HNC Living Foundation

Website Redesign

What do you do when your nonprofit has successfully helped more than 1,200 head and neck cancer patients with their treatment and recovery, but you’re ready to expand beyond your local roots?

For HNC Living Foundation—a nonprofit who partners with healthcare providers to fund grants that help head and neck cancer patients—the answer was a modern website designed to attract more donors and find new partners.

Contributions: Research, Design, Copywriting, SEO

The Challenge

HNC Living, a Kansas City-based nonprofit founded in 2015, has successfully helped more than 1,200 head and neck cancer patients live life fully by funding more than $555,000 in grants for treatment, therapy, and support services.

However, their website didn’t effectively communicate their mission, wasn’t driving donations, and wasn’t easy to navigate.

HNC Living asked flow14 to reimagine their website and give them an effective platform to increase donations, reach more partners and patients, and grow nationally.

Process: Project Vision

For the kickoff meeting, I developed a project vision to help drive a conversation about HNC Living’s audiences and goals. Based on my experience using their site, I shared ideas for improving the organization, calls to action, and more.


Research & Auditing

I researched scores of nonprofits in cancer care and other areas to understand different models for site organization, content, and calls to action. This research, informed by HNC Living’s goals and audiences, led to a new navigation structure that directly addressed their key audiences: donors, healthcare providers, and patients.

Next, an SEO audit underscored the benefits of this approach and informed a content strategy that spoke more clearly to their audiences and allowed for hyper-relevant calls to action.


Researching similar nonprofits

seo and information architecture audit

Information architecture audit

Copywriting & Content Strategy

For the all-important website content, I created a collaborative document that allowed project stakeholders to provide real-time suggestions and edits.

Informed by the SEO audit and HNC Living's input, I crafted page titles, descriptions, and page content designed to draw in more traffic, clearly communicate HNC Living's purpose, and drive visitors to act.

content and copywriting

Collaborative copywriting

Page Comps

As the content developed, I created sample pages that allowed the HNC Living team to understand how their new website could look and provide feedback early in the process.

high fidelity page comps

The New Homepage

The new launched in April 2018. Their new homepage that clearly communicates their mission, the audiences they serve, and how they’ve helped scores of head and neck cancer patients live life fully, during and after treatment.

new homepage design

Clear calls to action

New, audience-centric landing pages speak directly to HNC Living’s key audiences, ensuring they clearly understand what the organization has to offer with clear calls to action.

landing page: for healthcare providers
landing page: for patients

Website Manual

To ensure the website continues to evolve and serve the HNC Living’s needs well into the future, I created a comprehensive manual that details how to update and maintain the website.

website manual


In the first full month after launching the website, saw a:


increase in visits to the donation page


increase in overall pageviews