Mobile-Optimized Ecommerce

In 2012, my team spotted a trend in Garmin's website traffic – mobile devices were driving more and more traffic and revenue, in spite of the fact that the store was difficult to use on tablets and smartphones. I championed the project with executives, then led the effort to design, develop, and launch the mobile-friendly version of Garmin’s eCommerce platform.

Contributions: Project Sponsorship, Creative Direction, Wireframing

Speed to Market

After weighing the pros and cons of building the site in-house, we chose Mobify as a technical partner – giving us the greatest speed to market with minimal impact on our in-house resources, who were focused on a major upgrade and redesign of our e-commerce platform.



Sales increase (YoY)


Average order value increase


Conversion rate increase


Project timeline (weeks) Mobile Wireframes

Wireframes: Product Page and Cart Mobile Wireframes

Wireframes: Checkout Flow Mobile Wireframes

Wireframes: Checkout Flow Mobile Product Page and Shopping Cart

Product Page & Shopping Cart