AMC & Coke

Cross-Channel Campaign

After winning AMC’s Email Marketing duties, they invited us to pitch ideas for a quarterly cross-channel campaign. We served them fresh ideas that returned record-breaking results.

Contributions: Creative Direction, Creative Strategy

The Challenge

Coke and AMC ran a quarterly digital and in-theatre campaign to encourage teens to purchase Coke and popcorn. However, their last few attempts fell short of their goals.

During the implementation of AMC’s email marketing program, AMC asked the team at DEG to develop a new approach for their upcoming campaign.

The Approach

After studying earlier campaigns and scanning social platforms for reactions to those efforts, we came back to AMC with two key suggestions:

  1. Focus on the core audience. In previous campaigns, AMC sent the offer to everyone, but only teens could redeem the offer. We suggested they show the offer to teens and their parents and leave everyone else out of the picture.
  2. Speak to teens in an authentic voice. AMC’s voice in previous campaigns read like uncool adults tying to speak with teens. We suggested they adopt a digital-centric voice, inspired by memes and GIFs with visuals influenced by popular social platforms.

How do you do, fellow kids?

Our advice: avoid this scenario.

AMC pitch description

Mockups illustrating the voice and visuals

AMC pitch description

The Results

By focusing the campaign on the core audience and speaking to them with an authentic voice and relevant visuals, we delivered record-breaking results:

  • In targeted emails, unique opens and total clicks were the highest of any previous AMC & Coke promotion.
  • Social posts drove a 189% increase in brand engagement with an accompanying increase in site visits.
  • Successful redemptions of the offer increased 38%, handily beating their targets.
AMC pitch description