HNC Living Foundation

Logo Redesign

The Ask: After the successful redesign of the new HNC Living website, the HNC Living team asked me to redesign their logo.

Contributions: Design


We started by meeting with the HNC Living team to talk about how the organization was evolving and their goals for the logo redesign. When we talked about what wasn’t working with their logo, they shared a few key points:

  • Their logo over-emphasized “HNC”
  • It under-emphasized “Living”
  • They felt the overall look was dated and could be mistaken as a logo for an accounting firm
  • They didn't want to stray too far from their current design and color scheme
The old HNC Living Foundation logo

The old logo

The new HNC Living Foundation logo

The new logo

Process: Exploration

With the input from the HNC Living team mind, we started by exploring a range of designs. We tried new font combinations and emphasized “Living” by playing with style and scale.

HNC Living Foundation logo design explorations

A sampling of early design explorations

Sharing Ideas

After preparing a range of designs, we presented the first round of ideas to the HNC Living team. The presentation outlined key elements of each design and placed them in a website mockup to show context. Most of the designs stayed true to their existing logo, but we included an option – ”big break“ – that served a complete break from the old design. This option proved to be the favorite.

Logo redesign presentation

Refining the design

After choosing the new design, we explored additional variations that reintroduced “Foundation”

Logo redesign presentation, round 2

Launching the Logo

The logo was introduced in November 2018. We launched with updates to and their social profiles, a new ad layout, logo guidelines, and more.

Ad Layout

HNC Living ad layout

Logo Guidelines

HNC Living logo guidelines